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Dis is how I looked up at mine meowmie, da day I was rescued! Now how could I not steal her heart?

Meowmie says I have a "kitty Angel" dat purtects me. Her also says dat mine angel was kept furry busy the day of my rescue. Seems I had gotten mineself into quite a little fix. I somehow whether, lost or dumped, had ended up in the middle of a road wiff cars going over me, zoom ,zoom, just like dat.  I was so furry affraid, I eben flatened mineself down to da ground so I would be smaller and maybe not get hit, also dere was a big
doggie chasing after me , when da cars were not going ober me.  Mew habe heard about being between a rock and a hard purlace, well, I was between a highway and a way too friendly doggie on the side of the road purlace. Here, I was, being purtected by mine "Kitty Angel". Meanwhile.....
On dis same day one of mine meowmies to be, named Nancy had to go to the store , now her normally woud have gone da oppisite direction, but her needed to get a money order for mine ofurr meowmie to be, Sheila. The post office just happend to be in the same direction I was. So , without any idea to me or mine meowmies, our paths were about to cross.
Now, when meowmie Nancy furst caught sight of me, her , for some silly human reason, thought I was a styrofoam cup, blowing around on the road, wiff a doggie after it, when her car got up to me, I looked up and her could see mine eyes, and den her realized, I were not a cup at all, but a butifurr liddle baby kitten, in furry big trouble. She said to herself, "Oh, crap , it's a kitten", den her drew a sigh of relief , finding she had not  hit  me herownself, and then she looked back to see that the car benind her had also not hit me. Den fast as her could , she turned da car around,and came back to get me.
Well, dis doggie did not intend to give me up to her, but being more afraid for mine own saftey instead of hers, she braved da doggie, and scooped me up. 
Now, I had neber been in a car befor, so I was quite unsure of this whole affair. I wasted no time, in finding just the right spot to hide, under da dash board, and I was determined not to budge.
When mwe got to mine new home, meowmie Nancy could not pry me out from under da dash. So she went into the house to get help and , out came mine meowmie Sheila, wondering, what in the world is stuck in the car. So , after digging around, her felt somfing small and furry, and I was getting tired, so I let her pull me out, she lifted me up, and said, "Oh, crap, it's a kitten", are you starting to hear a pattern here? MOL, den her looked into mine eyes, and in dat furry instant, we realized we were soul mates, and her cried and said we are keeping this baby.
Meowmie says, I was in bad shape, I was cobered wiff fleas, full of worms, mine tummy hurt, I was so furry hungry and frightened. Mine new meowmies, gabed me a bath and da water  turned red, from da flea dirt. Also I had a "kitten Cap" of grey, and meowmie Sheila fought it was more dirt, and her tried to wash it off, finally her figured out it were just da color of mine own fur and stopped scrubbing mine poor little noggin half off.
Well, den dey decided since I was staying, I needed a name, I figured dey would name me" Oh crap, it's a kitten". But instead dey naned me Shamus, dey say dey came up wiff dat, cause dey kept saying, "shame us", for taking in anofur stray kitten So, dat was mine furst name, den dey added,  ofurr names till it ended up being, "Sir Sean Shamus Blue Soldier Of Love", the "Blue" was for mine blue eyes, and da "Soldier of Love" was fitting, since dey loved me, and I were such a brave little kitty, having been thorugh all dat.
I hear, dat I have broken all the rules of this house. Dey say, no kitty gonna sleep in da beds, no kitty gonna get on da cabnits, no kitty gonna beg at da table, no kitty gonna get in da refrigerator, we will not habe kitty hair all over da house, well, I changed all dat, real fast. Now dey say, dey do not know how dey lived wiffout it, or me. I must habe made quite an impuression on dem cause den when I were not quite one year old, dey brought in a new kitty sisfurr for me, her name is Selkie Sue, she is also a rescue kitty, den when I had just gotten used to da idea of not being da only kitty of the house, here came anofur one, and her name is Firefly Faerie, once again, a rescue kitty dat came to us wiff a badly broken leg, dat just dangled, but after lots of luffing care, her is just fine now, and uses her leg and chases me around , and steals mine turkey meat.
Meowmie says our family is complete now, although she has since taken in little abandoned Bacci,"Bah-chee"a yellow tom baby, dat I helped take care of, he was a furry lucky little kitty dat now has his furry own luffing, indoor foreber home.
Well, dis is mine story, and I is here to stay wiff mine meowmies and sifurrs, along wiff last but not least our Little Willow, who is a feral kitty, dat refuses to live inside, but does allow meowmie to put frontline on her, and worm her, and keep her fed, meowmie eben took her to be fixed athough her were not broken.
At this moment, meowmie is feeding 6, ferals, dat are living in da woods, about 3 miles up the road. I hear her liddle head, trying to figure out if her can get them trapped, neutered, released. Her say it neber ends, and dat efurry one needs to spay and neuter, to prevent all the scared, lost and lonely strays and ferals.
Mine site is dedicated to all the strays and ferals, and dere kitty Angels.
Dis story pawed by, Shamus Blue, alias, meowmies, "Angel Kitty".


See mine little grey kitten cap, right on top of mine little haid. Of course I no longer have it and am all white. When I was furst brought home, mine meowmies thought I was grey all ober, I was sooo dirty. What a surprise when I came outta dat bath !

Meet my Brother, Sisters and my foster family


Dis is Selkie Sue, she is furry shy and sweet. She is winked to Bash. Not many humans get to see her, as she runs and hides when someone comes. Selkie is furry luffing wiff our meowmies.


Meet Little Willow, she was dumped here about seven years ago. She remains semi-wild. She will let mine meowmies pet her, but she will not have being in. Even though meowmie does put her in the garage when it is bad weather.


Meet mine new brofurr. His name is Captain Dobby Wanderlust. He was about 2 months old when he showed up on our front porch. He is da baby now. He is full of energy, and luffs to purrlay. However he sure gets into everyfing. He might think his name is Dobby dont by now. I was furry happy to finally get a brofurr.


Dis is little Grey, she is a foster kitty. She and her sisfur Ketchup are from da same litter, dere sifur and mother were killed, one by car and one by dogs. Meowmie trapped Grey and Ketchup and had dem fixed and found dem a home togefur.


This is our foster sister Ebony, she is just now 6 months old. She is still here as is her sister. They are ready to be spayed. There mother was feral, and by the time we trapped them, they were quite skeery of people. Ebony is more shy than her sister Ivory, but she is getting better. We hope to find them a home together soon.


Merlin was dumped here at night. We heard him banging up against our livingroom window. He was extremly friendly . We feel like he had lived in because he was affraid to be out. He was right at home inside, and loved everyone he met. We did find him a home in gibson county with a young couple who's kitty had died of old age. They are delighted with him, as he is them. He sleeps with them, and has a favorite "pink shaggy rug" he loves to drag around and lay on.
They changed his name to Marley. We sure do miss him, he was a very loving kitty to everyone.


Dis is Firefly Faerie. She is not shy at all, as a matter of fact, she is a little terror. I guess, she finks her has to fight and act big, since her had dat broken leg as a kitten. She has her sweet moments, and is da baby of the house.She started having seizures at age 2, the vet said he beleives it is from a head trauma she received at the same time her leg was broken Her wink is Magick of da Witchez kidz..


Dis be our youngest baby sisfur. Her name is Primrose Pixie. Her be 2 years old now. She likes to grumble under her breaf. Her just now started to have seizures and mwe is not sure why yet. She came here at about 10 days old, and was bottle fed. She is a sweetheart. Her favorite toy is a little plastic spinner dat she luffs to chase when it is tossed.


Dis is mine foster brofur, Bacci. He now has his own forever home. He lives close enough that meowmie gets to go visit him. He sure was frisky and fun. Bacci means kisses in italian.


Here is Ketchup, sisfurr to Grey. Once they got their new forever home, there names were changed. Ketchup is now "Spooky" and Grey is now "Maggie". We are so happy they found their loving forever home together. We called her Ketchup because when they came to eat she was always last.


Foster sister Ivory. She is getting quite friendly. Even will let us pick her up now without getting upset. She and Ebony are so sweet together and love each other very much, they really depend on each other. They have to have a home togeter. They will be good pets for the right family . One that can be patient with them.


This is Little Paulie. My meowmies human sister found him and his mother . They had been dumped into a vat of desil fuel and left to die. Somehow the mama kitty got out and was able to save Paulie. Meowmies sister took the mama in but she could not nurse Paulie cause she was so ill from the desil fuel. So we took Paulie in and bottle fed him, he was not old enough to have his eyes open, maybe he was about 7 days old. His mama found a home right away, but still needed time to recover, and the people that took her could not also take paulie. So he lived with us untill he was about 9 weeks old. Then he got a home also in Gibson County. His new family is also a young couple that have a 2 year old daughter and another kitty that is about 8 years old. They call us, and he is doing very well, they love him so much and he is having a ball there. His name now is Lucky. He loves to play in his new human meowmies hair...he loved that here too.