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Wowsers!!! I bet dat light in da window is from an alien ship!! Wait, maybe it is a light from mine own "Kitty Angel"!!!   Hey, what mew mean it is the camera's flash? Dat can't be right.


I is learning all I can, so I can keep a step ahead of dem "pesky female felines". Mew can't be too carefurr when it comes to dem. Dey is sneaky as can be. I know I habe two sisfurrs.


Try to be a nice tom, and see where it gets mew? Mine mean sisfurs haz done taken ober mine furry own tree house. Dey eben try to take mine furry own turkey meat !!. I afraid I is gonna habe to swat dem.  


I is teaching mine foster brofur Bacci da wayz of an "Agent". Firefly is trying to sneak in on us. But do not worry,I will keep dat pesky female in her purlace.  


Yikes!!! Get dem lights outta mine eyes, will mew??? I been down at Paddys hitting da "nipz" wiff mine buds. Purlease go away and leave me alone . Geesh, no respect for an Agent of high standing around here.


Now, I ask mew, is I  or is I not, the sweetest little "Angel Kitty"?? Meowmie sayz I is. I would not deceive mew, no , not me!!!


Ahhhhh, a fine purlace for a nap. See dis nice kitty throw? Ben haz one just like it, but I did not steal it from him, no sireeeee. Mine meowmies sisfur gabed it to her, and I clamed it for mine ownself. But mew gotta watch out for that "bad to the bone" Bentley kitty, him gotz sticky paws!!!!


Dese is mine "bed buddies". And dat liddle blue blob at the bottom of da bed is "Blue Lamby" mine favorite toy . Well, when I was a kidden at least, untill "Rocky Raccoon" came along.


This is mine "Rocky Raccoon". I purlays wiff him efurry day, several times a day. I drop him at mine meowmies feet and say "Rocky", plain as day, den her tosses him and I catch him in midair. I luff "Rocky" furry much and mine sisfurs is not allowed to habe him.


Who , me? I didn't do dat "bad kitty" fing. No, not me. I iz mewer angel kitty, remembr? I just hiding here, cause it's fun!!