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Dese Iz wonderfurr gifts furom mine wonderfur  furriends


Mine auntie Marsha made me dis wonderfur gifty. Her even put mine own face in da middle, how cool is dat? Also Mine meowmies favorite entertainers is "The Beatles" and "Sir Paul McCartney".


Auntie Marsha made dis luffly birfday gifty fur me. Mine sisfur is winked to Bash.


Dis nice Halloween gifty is from Kitty the Great and Freedom. Dey is also in CLAW and were on the "hunt" for the treats hidden by the "Fuzzy Kitties" Guild. Fanks a lot mew guys. I iz proud to habe it.


Dis luffly gifty camed from mine furiends ,Spock, Dragon , Amber  Smoke and Auntie Cass. Hey, dat kitty looks like me!! Fanks mew guys. It's beautifurr. Luff it!!


Auntie Candy made dis one for mine meowmie, dem is furry nice flowers. Meowmie likes da happy colors in it.


Dis fine cakie  wiff da nice mouise camed from mine gude buds from da boys BB board. Fernando, Davy, Dorian & Sheik Ollie Babble. Fanks budz, diz is great.


A luffly card from all mine furiends at "CLAW". Fanks mew guys, dis is sooo nice.


Dis from auntie Susan and da gang. So many mousies and cakies, yummy yum. I luff dis gifty , fanks mew guys.

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