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"Eyes" the eerie glow of eyes drew me toward the evil that lurked ahead.
This cold dark night , the chill running up my spine, warned me of the dead.
 I stood my ground, looking all around, though feeling uneasy, I ventured on.
What lies ahead I donnot know, but on my back I can feel the prescence of the eerie glow. The glow of  the "eyes" always the eyes.


"Pawed by Shamus "BOO" Blue"



Dis is to Spocks Halloween page, it's purtty cool. Purlease go viist him and Dragon and Amber Smoke. Dey gotz neat costumes.

My bud Jodan has him furry own Halloween page to. It has a purty spooky creatures on dere. Purlease gib him cool page a visit.

You'll wantz to also visit da Halloween page of mine bud, Tux. Dere iz a skeery witch dere stirring up a brew. And ofurr links to Halloween pages and contest.








Many times I have visited this very crypt, every time in the daylight, what lured me once again to this place? What beckoned me on to enter the crypt at night, on this night of all nights? It was as if I were being dragged, with no control over my destination. There it was, before me now, like some huge monsterous gaping mouth ready to swallow me up "The entrance to the Crypt."

"Enter the Crypt"

The cold, the bone chilling cold embraced my body. Still the sweat was dripping off my brow. The stench of rot plugged my nostrils. Each breath harder to draw in than the one before.
An eerie stillness hung in the air and I wanted to run but I was held motionless by fear. I felt a slight breeze pass befor my cheek, and caught a glimpes of light. A faint mist of apparition, a phantom of the tomb.
I heard  the tales of death from all who were buried here, without a word being uttered. The silence was deafening. The horror of the last moments of the restless souls lifes flooded me with terror. The torment of their last seconds ripped through me like a thousand knives. I screamed out, ""I was not the one that brought this greif upon you. I cannot unleash you from the chains that bind." I heard a sigh  that rumbled up from the gound that I stood upon.
In the flash of an instant, I felt the release of whatever had bound me to this unholy ground. I ran , frantically searching for the exit of the gate. I stopped not, until I was outside the Crypt grounds, and in the distance I still could hear the moans of unrest.

"Pawed by Shamus BOO Blue" especially for you.






"Make NO Bones About It"


"Keep your kitties indoors over Halloween, especially black kitties"


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