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"Sir Sean Shamus Blue Soldier OF Love"


It is with great joy and honor, that I place dis most coveted "Oscat Award" on mine  homepage. I am so gratefur to all of my furiends that voted for mine site.  Im so honored and lucky to have such wonderfur furiends. Thank mew all fur mew luff and support. And thank mew Doris fur making such a beautifur award. Purries, Shamus Blue


Me and Ms. Pepe at McCarthey's pub in Ireland. Mwe hadded da best time listning to da irish music and watching da dancing, mwe even joined in fur a little Irish jig. Happy St. Patricks to mew all.



Shamus Says
What have we abandoned kitties done
to deserve such a horrible fate?
Were we not cute enough or sweet enough?
What did we do to be treated with hate?
Shamus Says
Did we soil your carpet, scratch your favorite chair
or swing from your curtains and leave hair everywhere?
We're tossed out like trash, before mornings light
alone, cold and hungry, scared for our lives.
Too many kitties pitched out on the street,
mistreated, abused, no love pats, no treats.
Shamus Says
Unconditional love is what we all give
endless hours of pleasure , for as long as we live.
We don't ask for much,  just some time spent together
In a house where we're loved, at a home that's forever.
Shamus Says
That if you open your heart to a sweet bundle of fur,
so darling and precious, with mystical purrs.
Be sure you can give it all the love that it's due.
Shamus says if you dont, that the shame is on you.

"Poem pawed by Shamus Blue"




Angels  love, guide and protect all living creatures. Mine placed me wiff mine meowmie.

Kitty Angel Pride
I will search for the lost and lonely as long as I hear their cries.
I will care for the sick and hungry and purr that they will survive.
I too was lost and lonely, left on the road to die.
Then a loving kitty angel, led my meowmie to my side.
I ask this for all the lost ones that are so scared they run and hide.
Wrap them safely in your angel wings with a kitty angels pride.


"Please purr for the strays and ferals that are in the cold without food and shelter. If you know of any please help them out, with anything you have, food, water, something for shelter, even a cardboard box would help keep the wind off. Open up your hearts. If you can help them or take any in, you will truly be blessed . Even if you can help only one, to that one, it would be every thing!


Meowmie says I'm her "Angel Kitty". I hope very much dat mew have enjoyed mine Angel Pride site.


Mew is most welcome to have mine banner and link it back to me.


Click on photo of me above to visit my "Soldier Of Love " pages. A continuation of this site. Including my Rainbow Bridge page, 4th Of July celebration and Christmas 2005 cards.



I want to thank all mine furiends that voted for me , for DaAgency Top Sites Lists. I am furry proud and excited to have won for the month of December. Dis is a beautiful award that I am honored to have. Fank mew all again. Purrs, Shamus


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