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Just click on each award to visit luffly sites. I feel furry honored indeed to have received dese awards.


 Sam Da Man was a furry well respected and much loved Tomzrule brofur. Him crossed da Rainbow bridge december the 9th, 2003. Mwe will miss him furry much. Dis award were presented by his meowmie Jackie on december the 11th. " Sam Da man mew won't be forgotten."


Dis will take mew to a beautifur site, dat includes Native American Links, among many ofurs mew will enjoy.


Mew won't want to miss learning about dis little fun luffing rascal, why , him is even running fur purrsedent. I fur one will vote fur him.


I is most honored to have received dis award. It is furry special indeed. Mew will like where dis link takes mew. Purlease go see fur mewer own self. Some furry fine kitties mew will agree. (Since this award was received, the Beloved Mac McTavish has passed to the Rainbow Bridge, making this award even more dear and special to me.) I luffed mew den and I luff mew now and forever, mine dear friend Mac.
Mac's brofur Dragon, who was mine furry furst fureind on da web, has also crossed da bridge. Mine heart is broken. I'll see mew both again someday, mine buds.


I received dis "Every Cat Counts" award from Sabrina and Calvins Meowy World. It is furry special, as are all kitties, dat is why every cat counts, dey is all precious. Fank mew fur dis award, Calvin and Sabrina, I luff it.


Little foot, is a beautifur kitty dat adores beauty and charm, let her charm her way into mewer heart.


I am so furry happy to receive dis award from " Little Angel Heaven".  As I luff angels so furry much. Purlease click on dis award to bisit dere site. It is a beautifurr site, full of Angel cards, inspirational verses, Angelic midis, Angel graphics and more. Mew will habe a happy heart for habing bisited dem. Fank mew "Little Angel Heaven" fur dis purrecious award.


I am furry proud indeed to get dis award from Calvin. Mew should bisit Calvin's Clubhouse at "Calvin and Sabrina's Meowy world. Just click on da award to bisit dem. Mew will habe a good time dere. Fank mew for dis award Calvin.


I want to fank Micah, Myah and Mallie fur their butifur award. I am honored indeed to receive it. Dey has such a luffly site dat tells how dey camed to be at dere forever home. Micah had a good doggie buddy Kandi dat is now at rainbow bridge. Myah is the "wild child" and Mallie is the "love bug". Dis site also has beautifur kitty graphic gifts fur visitors, you will be glad mew visited dere site. Dey is sweet and butifur kitties.


Dis award is also from the "Meditative Cat" site. I was furry suprised to receive two. Dis site also haz, Harmony and Pouncival, dey is kitties dat habe been adopted, and belong to dis site. Da site also offers, jewlery for cat people, and many more fings, including meowmies favorite, a tribute to "The Beatles".


My furriend Mysty sent me dis award and i is furry honored to habe it. Mysty and her sister Storme have a wonderfurr site, dat is a joy to bisit. Mysty has many places to see, such as her garden, den, writing room, porch and others including her yard dat is about animal welfare. Im sure mew will enjoy a bisit dere by clicking on da award above.


Meowie, I just received dis butifur award from da Kadiddies. I is so furry honored an happy to get dis fine award. Mew must visit dere luffly site, and meet all da Kididdie kitties, you will be glad mew did. Dey has a new kitty named Mikki dat is 9 years old and was in need of a home. Just click on the award above.


Click on dis award and get da link to Mewpe's page, about a rescue kitty with a huge heart and a love fur little upstart kitties dat come into his home and his heart.


Bambi is a sweet kitty dat luffs a nice warm soft lap to be in. Da cosier da befurr, she would luff a visit from mew.


I received dis fine award from the Catnippers. Ned, Alex & da luffly Annie. Dey has a real nice and fun site. I is most proud to habe gotten dis award. just click on da award to go bisit dem.


I received dis fine award from "Runes of Ao." Dis site  has lots of dragons, and it has Ebony Black Cat , Abby White Cat, and da story of da beloved kitty Grey Cat dat is now at Rainbow Bridge. Purlease click on dis award and visit dis wonderfur site.


Dis luffly award is from "Calvin and Sabrina's Meowy World". It is a luffly site dat mew would enjoy furry much, just as I did. I  is most honored to have received dis "Angel Of Mercy" award. I know dat kitties habe Angels dat watch ober dem.

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Dis really cool award is also from the CatNippers. See Ned dere dribing da car? Him has a "heart" on him furr. Mew needz to go bisit dem and find out where Ned carries him "heart". It is furry neat. Mine sisfur Selkie looks like Ned. Him also has a page of photos of friends dat looks like him. Click on da "car" to go bisit. I iz furry honored to habe dis award.


Dis "Angel Worthy" award is from "Angel Graphics". I is most honored to have received dis award. Angel Graphics has lots of wonderfur angel graphics and many other nice things.


Dis butifur award comes from Iren's graphics . It is a fantastic site with lots of wonderfur graphics, frames, calling cards, fonts and more. It also has photos of her beautifur countryside. Mew will enjoy it furry much, just as I have. Purlease gibe her a bisit. Fank mew Iren, I is furry honored to receive dis award.


I am furry honored to receive dis award from the "Meditative Cat" site. It has the story of Princess Honeybear and Monday, that sadly are now at da bridge. Dey was experts in meditation and yoga. Dis site gibes some instrutions on meditaion. Just click on this award to bisit.


I was most suprised to receive dis fine award from da BratCats. Im sure mew will want to bisit dere site. It has poems, information on animal rights, feline diseases, tips on choosing a vet, and da heart warming story of the rescue of the BratCats demselfes. Fanks mew fur dis wonderfur award.



I also got dis award from da Kididdies fur careing fur and being suportive of homeless kitties. Mine heart is furry warmed to receive an award such as dis. I is most proud to be thought of as a kitty dat cares . Purlese visit da Kididdies, by clicking on dis award, and while mew is there , purlease read dere poem " Prayer Of A Stray". Purries

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